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Are you ready...

to become a more resilient & self-aware leader, 
whose organization has: 

  • A clear purpose, goals and strategic plan?
  • An authentically diverse and inclusive values-based culture?
  • A high-performing and collaborative team that's inspired to bring your vision to reality?
  • The ability to adapt and innovate in uncertain times?
  • Strong stakeholder connections that are based on shared goals and mutually beneficial winning strategies? 


Kathryn Dafos is a Strategist, Facilitator, Public Relations specialist who works with individuals and organizations to drive sustainable improvement in bottom-line performance and profitability. Endless Potential specializes in enhancing internal and external communications through practical people development:

  • Strategic Organizational and Public Relations Planning Facilitation

  • Leadership and Team Coaching

  • Lumina Spark Psychometric Assessments

  • Business Development Advisory Services

  • Non-Profit Project and Association Management

Contact us to...

  • Unlock hidden talents within yourself and your team

  • Identify and leverage your strengths

  • Improve relationships and communication

  • Learn when your personality helps you and when it holds you back

  • Find increased composure, harmony and balance

  • Map the journey to the future you want

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New Hires

Why should I invest in
training my managers?


  • 60% of managers fail in their roles within the first 24 months

  • 47% of new managers do not receive management training

  • The #1 reason people LEAVE a job is because of their manager

  • The #1 reason people STAY at a job is because of their manager

Strong managers are the key to employee retention, engagement, and a healthy workplace culture. 
Managers motivate and inspire their teams, execute on strategic goals, and perform at a high level. 
It makes sense that strong managers will have a big impact on your bottom line. 


The Smart Leadership Academy focuses on helping participants hone their people-management skills. 
It’s a seven-month cohort-based program that includes formal instruction, facilitated group activities,
peer support and applied workplace learning delivered in an engaging, relaxed learning environment. 
Leadership growth and development is enhanced by one-on-one coaching and structured accountability. 





Presented in partnership with  Ingrid Vaughan of Smart HR

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