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Taking the Strategic Journey
from Goals to Reality 

Could Better Team Dynamics Improve Your Bottom Line?
Harvard Business Review posted a study revealing that 87% of business issues
are due to a lack of interpersonal skills. 


A study on workplace conflict in the United States (commissioned by CPP Inc.) revealed that employees spent 2.8 hours per week dealing with conflict, amounting to approximately $359 billion in paid hours or 385 million working days per year, based on average earnings of $17.95 per hour. Source Harvard Business Review

Drive sustainable improvement in bottom-line performance and profitability through practical people development at all levels.
  • Develop a pipeline of transformational leaders

  • Better manage staff and create high performing teams, build their sales capability and sell more strategically

  • Dramatically improve productivity and personal effectiveness at all levels

  • Attract and retain high potential talent

  • Foster a culture of teamwork, trust and integrity. 


Lumina Learning is the latest innovation interpersonal and professional development!

It's personal. It's customizable. It sticks. It's sustainable. It works!

The process starts with completion of an individualized Lumina Spark Portrait for each member of your team in which they will:

  • Gain Self-Knowledge: By understanding their strengths, how they fit within the team and how their persona can shift depending on their state of emotional being - underlying, everyday, overextended.

  • Learn How to Build Rapport: Improve communication and team harmony through increased understanding of both their own and their colleagues' communication preferences.




Improved team relationships culminate in improved performance.

"The strength of the team is each member. The strength of each member is the team.” – Phil Jackson


In a snapshot you will see how individual strengths are layered within your team. This gives you a holistic view of how your team can best work together to achieve your goals and objectives.
  • Recognize Value Diversity: Celebrating the unique personality traits of colleagues and recognizing how each of them complement the team, and each other’s strengths.

  • Co-Creating Results: Achieve measurable goals by more effectively aligning team strengths to job roles and processes.​

Sample Team Mandala

Lumina Client Feedback...
"I was fortunate enough to go through this process with Kathryn recently, and I highly recommend it! It is empowering to know my strengths and to have them highlighted...and also empowering having my 'weaker' areas noted...areas where I may need extra support or 'growth opportunities."
"Kathryn showed me with Lumina Spark how to use my natural talents to work better with others and I've even used the helpful app included to better understand my partner so that we can improve our relationship. Thank you so much!"
"This unique system didn't just show me my strengths and weaknesses but actually laid out how I can best leverage and take advantage of my short comings for success. I also have a new appreciation for personality types that I previously would avoid, specifically because they had traits that I felt I could not embody myself."
"Having experienced a Lumina Spark workshop, I have become more and more effective in my ability to run projects and handle the people side of things. My teams are experiencing less conflict and I feel great gratitude to the facilitators that helped me learn and grow in such a powerful way." 
"This is the most practical and inspirational method for raising our staff's self-awareness and improving communication that I have ever experienced."

Keeping it Relevant: Carry Your Spark in the Palm of Your Hand with the Lumina Splash App!
Explore, share and compare your personality, any place and any time, with this innovative and practical psychometric application
  • Speed Read your colleagues’ and clients’ personality in only 24 questions and two minutes.

  • View Your Splash quickly visualize how you, your team, colleagues and clients scored on eight key personality aspects.

  • Explore your Aspects navigate your Splash by zooming into the aspect level to learn more about your scores.

  • Share and Compare see where you and your team members complement each other and areas where you might clash.



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Outdoor Business Meeting
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Typical Agenda Facilitated

Lumina Team Day

  • Understanding your 
    "at work" persona 


  • Building awareness of others' qualities and learning how to speed-read personalities

  • Valuing diversity and communicating with various personality types

  • Overcoming differences and transforming


  • Action planning using the GROWS approach.

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