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The Individual Journey from Dreams to Reality

"There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other.”
– Douglas H. Everett"
Are you ready to change your life, get unstuck, shift your thinking, take control?
Let's work together to explore new possibilities, try different behaviors
and achieve breakthrough results. 

  • Build a fulfilling career
  • Achieve personal goals
  • Plan for your future
  • Create and work toward your vision of a successful future
Complimentary Intro Session

During this 30 minute session we will discuss what you would like to focus on during coaching, your expectations and what you hope to accomplish by working with me. We’ll also chat about how the process works and how we can work together to map the journey from dreams to goals, from goals to reality.

Journey of Self-Awareness: Discover Your Inner Spark Session 

The first step to achieving your dreams is self-discovery. What are your strengths? When might you get in your own way? During this 2 hour Live Coaching Session we will walk-through your comprehensive Personality Portrait and explore:

  • Your strengths and how to leverage them

  • Unlocking your hidden talents

  • Improving your communications and relationships

  • What to do when you feel overstretched and things aren't working

  • Finding increased composure, harmony and balance

(Regular Price$600 investment in self)

View Sample Lumina Spark Portrait

Mapping the Journey from Dreams to Reality

Upon completion of your Lumina Spark Portrait and Self-Discovery session, we will start mapping your strategic plan


Over the course of 3 months we will start with a 1.5 hour initial planning session, followed by 60 minute bi-weekly sessions, regular email communications and exercises using the G.R.O.W.S. approach:

  • Set GOALS that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time Based (SMART)

  • Look at the facts of your current REALITY or situation

  • Strategize on what OPTIONS you can take.

  • Create a detailed action plan of what you WILL do to achieve your goals  

  • Identify your SUPPORTS along the way

Staying on Track

“A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” 
- Colin Powell

Execution of your plan is the most important part on the journey from dreams to reality.
This is where the hard work really begins! It takes strength, determination and discipline to achieve your goals. Every plan needs refinement when it is put into practice. You may run into unexpected obstacles along the way that you need to overcome, reassess your support system or realign your timelines.


During our 60 minute biweekly conversations and regular email communications, I’ll be there along the way supporting you to stay on track, talk through challenges, find solutions and celebrate successes.

Individual Coaching Sessions

Ideal for preparing for job interviews and important meetings.

($125 - 60 minute session)


Client feedback...

“Kathryn absolutely blew my mind with a coaching session. I went into this thinking that I knew everything about myself (though I was open to learning more!). She pinpointed my inner paradoxes that I didn't even understand myself and I felt seen in ways I haven't felt before." 

"Kathryn has a rare generosity and I found myself taking home gems of personal and professional wisdom to apply to my life. I'm always learning something new from her and I am so grateful to have a guide like her as I dive deeper into understanding myself."



"Not only is she empathetic in her approach but she gave me practical advice on how to move forward with my current projects. Thank you so much for such an illuminating session!.”

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