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Strategic Planning | Communications| Team Development | Project Management

Using a practical approach, Kathryn guides you through:

  • Articulating your vision of success,

  • Defining your goals,

  • Identifying  strengths, potential challenges and blind spots,

  • Working to develop specific strategies,

  • Breaking processes down into a realistic action plan,

  • Developing a measurable timeline and milestones that demonstrate your progress.

Kathryn’s background in Employment Training, Public Relations, and Strategic Partnership Development strengthen her natural ability to connect with people in a friendly and warm style. This, combined with her innate sense of logic and objectivity allow her to get straight to the facts of the matter, while recognizing the importance of considering what people are feeling and how decisions impact them.

While having a plan is an important road map toward achieving your goals, Kathryn helps you recognize the value of agility and of making spontaneous decisions when they are conducive to attaining optimal results.

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