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Six Reasons Why Tech Start Ups Will Love #LuminalLearning.

1) Increased Self-Awareness Lumina Spark is the only scientifically validated psychometric tool

that measures 24 personality qualities and shows how those traits morph and adapt when you're in a relaxed, everyday or overextended state.

2) Assess the Strengths of Your Team Lumina Team is where it gets really cool. You can layer all of your teammates' individual personality splashes on a team mandala to see the overall strengths, potential weaknesses and blind spots within your organization!

3) Improved Team Dynamics & Communication Suddenly different communication and work styles make sense! You can see where the team is being overextended and where their skills are being underutilized. Best of all, you can see and value the diversity that each member brings to the team.

4) Identifying the Skills and Traits Your Company Needs You can also see the qualities you may want to consider recruiting toward in the future and use Lumina Select to identify best fit candidates.

5) Demonstrate Your Investment Readiness All of these benefits allow you to demonstrate to potential investors how well your company and team are positioned to execute your business plan.

6) Keeping it Relevant with the Lumina Splash App Explore, share and compare your personality, any place and any time, with this innovative and practical psychometric application. View your Splash quickly to visualize how you, your team, colleagues and clients scored on eight key personality aspects. See where you and your team members complement each other and areas where you might clash.\

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